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This hardcore portable SSD from Samsung is really cheap right now

What is? The T7 Shield, a popular portable SSD from Samsung, is currently available in a 31% discount on Amazon (opens in a new tab). With a write speed of 1,050 MB/s, this isn’t the fastest drive out there, but its various rugged features mean it can certainly take a beating. It is also compatible with all major platforms, which cannot be said for all SSDs out there.

What makes it special and why should you buy it? The Samsung T7 Shield is perfect for anyone who needs more storage space, someone who needs to transfer files from one device to another (think photographers, videographers, music producers, and gamers), or anyone looking to archive data.

Additionally, the T7 Shield’s read and write speeds are fast enough to work directly from the drive if needed.

How much is it? The price cut applies to both the 1TB model (opens in a new tab) ($109.99) and 2TB model (opens in a new tab) ($199.99) and you can choose between three color combinations: beige, blue and black.

Although the deal only applies in the US, UK customers can find the T7 Shield at £111.49 for the 1TB model (opens in a new tab) and £187.99 for the 2TB model (opens in a new tab) (currently 4% off).

What else should we know? Another welcome feature of this drive is its universal compatibility. The T7 Shield can work with Mac, Windows, Android, game consoles, tablets and any other type of device or platform.

Lastly, the unit has an IP65 water and dust resistance rating, limiting the risk of damage when on the go. Also, due to the outer casing, it can protect it from a 9.8-foot drop.

Any disadvantage? Write speed isn’t the best we’ve seen on SSDs.


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