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Savor the sinister delights of del Toro’s Cabinet of Curiosities trailer

Cabinet of Curiosities of Guillermo del Toro is a new anthology series coming to Netflix this month.

So-called cabinets of curiosities-alias chamber of curiosities (“halls of wonder”), were very popular in the 17th century. They were largely random collections of strange but fascinating things, including natural history specimens, archaeological artifacts, religious or historical relics, bizarre works of art, and any other peculiar items that caught the eye of the cabinet’s creator. The concept also inspired auteur director Guillermo del Toro in putting together a new horror anthology series for Netflix: Cabinet of Curiosities of Guillermo del Toro. The streaming platform just dropped the official trailer for the series, and it seems like the right kind of scary fare to bring something spooky in style. shaking chills to the Halloween season.

As we previously reported, the series was first announced in 2018 and features eight episodes written and directed by filmmakers handpicked by del Toro. The list of directors includes Jennifer Kent, who directed the phenomenal 2014 the babadook; its episode, “The Murmuring”, is based on an original story by del Toro and features Babadook star Essie Davis (also known as Miss Fisher). “Dreams in the Witch House”, based on a story by HP Lovecraft, is directed by Catherine Hardwicke (Lords of Dogtown, Twilight).

“Graveyard Rats” is directed by Vincenzo Natali (In the tall grass, splice), while Guillermo Navarro (narcotics) directed “Lot 36,” also based on an original story by del Toro. Keith Thomas (fire starter) directed “Pickman’s Model”, another episode based on a Lovecraft short story; David Prior (the empty man) directed “The Autopsy”; cosmic cloths (Mandy) directed “The Viewing”; and Ana Lily Amirpour, who directed the exquisite A girl comes home alone at night—directed “The Outside.”

The star-studded cast includes Rupert Grint, Ben Barnes, Crispin Glover, Peter Weller, Kate Micucci, Nia Vardalos, David Hewlett, Demetrius Grosse, Sebastian Roche, F. Murray Abraham, Hannah Galway, Steve Agee, and Michael Therriault, among others. . .

Along with several beautiful and horrible images, we got a “first look” trailer in August, with del Toro talking about the project, especially its amazing visual effects. “With cabinet of curiositieswhat I’m trying to say is, ‘Look, the world is beautiful and horrible at exactly the same time,'” he said. That’s certainly the vibe we’re getting from the full trailer.

“Imagine your mind as a cabinet where you lock away your darkest thoughts and deepest fears,” del Toro says in the opening voiceover. “What if you opened that cabinet for the world to see? We’re about to find out.” What follows is a cornucopia of scenes from each of the eight stories, all of which have their own distinctive look that nonetheless fits within the overall “beautiful and horrible” aesthetic Del Toro is going for.

Cabinet of Curiosities of Guillermo del Toro will be released on Netflix during a four-day event. Two episodes will be released on October 25, with two more episodes coming out each day until October 28.


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