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Samsung Announces Production Start of 14nm EUV DDR5

Samsung achieved an industry first by shipping EUV DRAM in 2020. Today, mass production of the smallest 14nm EUV DRAM in the industry has begun. The significance of this latest innovation is that Samsung’s DDR5 DRAM becomes the densest available (five-layer EUV), which is claimed to enable “higher performance and capacity.”

Samsung Electronics Senior Vice President and Head of DRAM Technology and Products Jooyoung Lee said in a Press release that Samsung has marked an important milestone with its extreme miniaturization of DRAM thanks to the application of its EUV 14nm technology. According to Samsung’s own tests, the new DDR5 will increase productivity and tasks in the “data-driven world of 5G, AI, and the metaverse” by up to 20 percent compared to the previous generation DRAM. Efficiency should improve by a similar margin.

On the topic of performance, we’ve shared a few more numbers, thanks. Samsung says that by leveraging the latest DDR5 standard, speeds of up to 7.2 Gbps can be achieved. For reference, a standard DDR4 module will run at less than half that speed, around 3.2 Gbps.

Last but not least, Samsung intends to refine its 14nm DRAM output to increase IC density to 24Gb. Such a feat could enable 768GB DDR5 DIMMs. Initially, conventional DDR5 DIMMs are not expected in capacities greater than 64 GB per device.

Newegg DDR5 Pricing Suggestion

While we can all agree that DDR5 is an attractive proposition for buyers of new compatible systems, early adopter enthusiast motherboards are rumored to be available in variants: one DDR5-compatible version and one DDR4-compatible version. Asus has been seen registering Prime Z690-A, Z690-P and Z690-V boards with ‘D4’ suffixes, for example.

Motherboard options could be welcome for newer platforms like Alder Lake-S, for example, to keep build prices down, as a Newegg listing suggests DDR5 will command a hefty premium at launch. A Twitter leaker has stained GeIL Polaris RGB SYNC 32GB (2 x 16GB) 288-pin DDR5 SDRAM DDR5 4800 (PC5 38400) Desktop Memory at Newegg for a pretty hefty price of $349.99. The same memory kit in Japan was later seen at JPY45,174. These sums are converted between GBP£250 and £300.


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