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Werewolf at night.
Photo: Disney.

MCU boss Kevin Feige loves to pride himself on his Marvel movies that tackle different genres: Winter Soldier like a tense political thriller, Ant Man like a heist movie, etc., but we all know that sentiment can produce variable results. werewolf at night It’s marketed as a campy horror monster from the Universal Monster movies of yesteryear, and based on early reviews, it may live up to the hype. Starring Gael Garcia Bernal as werewolf/monster hunter Jack Russell and directed by composer Michael Giacchino, Just Want Horrors will be quite interesting to watch. werewolf at night can perform in this special presentation from Marvel Studios. (Broadcast on October 7.)

Selections highlighted in bold.

puppies friendsseason 5, 1 episode
The Simpsonsseason 33
World of flavor with Big Moe Casonseason 1
Zombies: The Addison’s Monster Mystery (Shorts), season 1
Wreck Hunters Australiaseason 1 premiere, all episodes available

battery line
werewolf at nightpremiere

big city greensseason 3, 4 episodes
sophia the firstseasons 1-4
ultraviolet and black scorpionseason 1, 6 episodes
big shotseason 2 premiere, all episodes available

In the woods (singing version)
the new mutants

Alice in Wonderland Bakeryseason 1, 4 episodes
Bear in the Big Blue Houseseasons 1-4
PB&J Ottersseasons 1-3
the house of the ravenseason 5, 8 episodes
Spider-Man: The New Animated Seriesseason 1
the incredible dr poloseason 21
The Spectacular Spider-Manseason 1
Canned tunaseason 11

hall of villains

Star Wars: Tales of the Jedipremiere (all shorts in streaming)
Sumo yes, sumo no2 episode premiere
The mysterious Benedictine societyseason 2 premiere

Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel
Marvel’s Hulk: Where the Wild Things Are

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