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GTA VI shows that gamers don’t really understand how games are made

Spot Dodge: A Live Nintendo Podcast Discusses the Latest Grand Theft Auto VI Leaks

Welcome back! It’s a new Tuesday, which means tonight there will be a new episode of Spot Dodge: A Live Nintendo Podcast exclusively on Destructoid. topics: Tonight, we are sailing in “Nontendo” waters discussing the Grand Theft Auto VI leak and how leaks generally affect gaming and marketing. An early undercooked look at a mega-popular IP is extremely rare, so there’s a lot to discuss!

GTA V Pre-alpha footage leaked early, which has made it more obvious than ever that most gamers don’t have a basic understanding of how games are made. In the leaked images GTA V it’s buggy, malfunctioning, and lacks finished models, understandably! The footage was stolen and displayed in the most unflattering way imaginable, with pop-up codes galore. Unfortunately, many gamers don’t understand what that really means. Many reactions ridicule the visual fidelity and unfinished assets of the game, instead of the more impressive elements extracted from the leaked images.

The first clips show us GTA V It will feature extremely dynamic NPC interactions and a large amount of car customization that is rare even for a dedicated racing game. It’s also important to note that some of the footage is said to be as old as 2019. If that’s the case, there’s no doubt the game should be in a much better state today, maybe even officially revealed before then? what we expect?

Our lovely cast from across the web: Brett Medlock (me) and Mary Stowe from Destructoid, John Friscia from The Escapist, Greg Bargas from PC Invasion, and Brett Larsen, our special guest. Behind the scenes, we have Eric Weichhart from Enthusiast Gaming editing the live show.

Spot Dodge is a weekly Nintendo podcast here at Destructoid where we spend an hour or two going over the latest Nintendo news and discussing the games we’re playing. If you’re a fan of Nintendo Switch, RPGs, or just having fun, Spot Dodge will be a great addition to your podcast rotation.

dodge point airs live every Tuesday at 4:00 pm PT / 7:00 pm ET on Destructoid’s Youtube other Twitter channels Are you watching from your phone? We’ve got that covered, as we’re streaming on our tik tok also. Don’t be afraid to join the chat and be a part of the show!

Subsequently, the program will be available on demand for audio listeners through Spotify, Apple PodcastsY plus. The live video version will remain on both YouTube and Twitch. (don’t forget to follow and subscribe). So many options!

Brett Medlock

Video Manager at Destructoid


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