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George Pickens Gave Us the NFL Catch of the Year and It’s Not October Yet

the pittsburgh steelmen faces Week 4 of the 2022 NFL season with many questions to answer. Is Mitchell Trubisky being aggressive enough for the Steelers’ passing game? Is Trubisky even the answer? Is it time for Kenny Pickett to take over the quarterback job? Is offensive coordinator Matt Canada long for his job?

One thing that shouldn’t be up for debate, though, is that rookie wide receiver George Pickens is the clubhouse leader in the “Catcher of the Year” category.

Late in the first quarter, Trubisky was ejected from the pocket and decided to be aggressive, targeting Pickens down the right flank with a deep shot. The pass required Pickens to make an adjustment, and sure enough he did:

The twisting and contorting one-handed grip immediately broke the internet, as it should have. The NFL’s Twitter account quickly showed various angles of the catch, showing how Pickens adjusted his body to the throw before going flat to catch the pass with one hand:

The play also caught the attention of some of the other players around the league who were watching the game, including one of the best wide receivers in the NFL:

Of course, the catch quickly drew comparisons to another incredible reception, the one delivered by Odell Beckham Jr. while with him. New York Giants:

The NFL even published a poll asking which catch was better, won by Beckham:

We can leave that debate for another day, although for the record my vote was for the capture of Beckham, but what does seem clear is that Pickens has given us the capture of the year and it is not yet October. How he managed to control his body, adjust to the throw and pull this as he went horizontal is the stuff of legend.

If anything manages to top this then we as football fans are in for a treat later this season.


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