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Feng Lu removed boss’s family for denying him a job promotion, police say

A man accused of brutally executing an entire family outside Houston eight years ago has finally been arrested, and authorities took him into custody Sunday moments after he arrived in San Francisco from China.

Fang Lu, 58, now faces capital murder charges for allegedly massacring the Sun family: Maoye, 50, MeiXie, 49, Timothy, 9, and Titus, 7. All four were found dead in separate rooms with bullet holes in head on January 1. 30, 2014.

While the massacre itself is heartbreaking, the alleged motive behind it is equally chilling.

Lu is suspected of ending the Sun family because he was angry that Maoye, his superior at work, did not recommend him for promotion, according to court documents obtained by the court. Houston Chronicle.

Specifically, Lu told the feds in an interview that he wanted to transfer to work in another department within the Cameron International Corporation oil and gas company, now called Schlumberger, and asked Maoye to put in a good word for it.

However, instead of making a recommendation, Lu speculated that Maoye said something derogatory about him. Not only was he not promoted, but he claimed that his co-workers started treating him differently the day after he applied for the promotion.

Lu admitted to being angry with Maoye over the incident, but always denied being behind the murders.

Court documents say Lu told authorities conflicting stories about a gun he had purchased and then returned to the store without the barrel. That was enough for a warrant to be issued, police said, but it came after Lu had left the country.

Authorities say they can now link the massacre to Lu, after forensic technicians recovered DNA mixes from a Coach bag from the crime scene that had Lu’s DNA on them.

Police said the DNA match did not occur until after Lu had already returned home to China, and detectives feared they might never arrest him. That changed, however, on Sunday, when the feds detained Lu minutes after he landed in California.

the Chronicle reported that the murder had baffled friends and family for years. A $70,000 reward was offered for anyone who provided helpful information, as Houston’s Chinese community reeled in grief.

But now, with the family’s alleged killer behind bars, a community leader says the arrest raises more questions than it answers.

“If this guy did it, how dare he come back?” said David Cao, board member of the Houston Chinese Alliance. “Feng was in China for the last eight years? Had he also traveled to and from the US during that time? When had the authorities focused on him?

Family members felt that an enraged colleague was the only explainable theory for the hit. That theory appears to have been correct on Tuesday, when Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez announced Lu’s arrest.

“There is so much we don’t know right now,” Cao said. “But I hope justice is done for this family. I just can’t believe it. How can a human being do this? Wipe out an entire family?”


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