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Build a massive library of PC games with a Humble Choice membership for just $12 per month

TL;RD: September Humble Choice Pack(opens in a new tab) It includes Crusader Kings III, Just Cause 4: Complete Edition, crown trick, and other great titles. At just $12 per month, it’s a value-packed membership that we recommend to any regular PC gamer.

Editor’s note: Humble Bundle is owned by Ziff Davis, the publisher of Mashable. Any Humble Bundle product or service featured on Mashable is independently covered by our team.

Just as choosing a TV series to binge on has become a daunting task, choosing your next video game addiction is harder than it seems. Fortunately, the Humble Bundle’s Choice membership does the heavy lifting for you by giving you a handful of new PC games every month that you can keep forever.

Crusader Kings III — the critically acclaimed grand strategy RPG — tops the Humble Choice Bundle for September 2022, along with seven other great PC games. It’s worth $250, but you’ll be able to add the mix of action, strategy, RPG, and FPS games to your library for free as an active Choice member. Also, on September 27, you can travel to the shadowy world of moon markings as soon as it releases on Humble Games Collection(opens in a new tab).

Here’s the full list of games included in September’s Humble Choice Bundle:

While a bundle of free games you can keep forever is definitely the main draw of a Humble Choice membership.(opens in a new tab), there are more benefits that make $12 a month worth it. You’ll get access to the Humble Games Collection through the Humble desktop app while you’re a subscriber, allowing you to play a curated and ever-expanding library of great games. You can rediscover old favourites, discover experimental oddities and lose yourself in the archive full of indie hits. As a member, you’ll also get a growing discount on the Humble Store that maxes out at 20% once you’ve been a member for a year.

If there’s a game on the month’s list that you’re not particularly interested in, you can choose to gift your game download to a non-Humble Choice member. You can trade with friends or just give them a game as a gift at no cost to you. Or, of course, if none of the games revealed for the month pique your interest, you can simply pause your membership for a month to skip them. No problem.

What really sets Humble Choice apart from other gaming subscriptions is that 5% of each membership is donated to a featured charity each month – September’s featured charity is Covenant House for homeless youth. Last month, members donated more than $193,000 to the National Abortion Funding Network.

Up to a dozen free games, store discounts, Humble Games Collection(opens in a new tab) access, no strings attached, and a good cause every month, all for just $12? Other subscriptions never could.

If you’re a regular PC gamer, Humble Choice’s valuable membership(opens in a new tab) it’s pretty much a no-brainer.


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