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A reality check on the Iran nuclear deal talks

The United States will not list Russia as a state sponsor of terrorism, Secretary of State Antony blinked explained last week. “Virtually all the penalties, sanctions and pressures that could be exerted through that designation, we are already doing,” she said at a news conference in Washington. Mr. Blinken’s comments were textbook policy for the Biden administration: to issue a statement saying he is doing everything he can while he is either slowly moving forward or outright rejecting options like further economic sanctions or beefed up military support. This is on full display when it comes to his Russia policy, which the administration is undermining by doubling down on its failed negotiations with Iran.

Tehran has deepened its friendship with Moscow in recent months as both governments endure Western isolation and censorship. Since his invasion of Ukraine in February, Vladimir Putin has visited the Iranians twice, first with Ayatollah Ali Khamenei in Iran in July, and then with President ebrahim raisi at the Shanghai Cooperation Organization summit in Uzbekistan last week. At the last meeting, Mr. Putin announced that a delegation of 80 Russian companies will travel to Iran this week to expand business ties.


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