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10x profit expected as TAMA gets relisted

The cryptocurrency bear market we may see this year has wiped out more than half of the total market capitalization, so new investors are looking for coins that can generate high returns in a relatively short time. While Bitcoin and Ethereum go through all sorts of twists and turns, there is a noticeable trend for investors to turn to more affordable coins. One coin caused quite a stir when it managed to raise $19 million in less than two months, attracting the attention of all crypto enthusiasts around the world. We are talking about Tamadoge (TAMA), and it is the token that is now ready to take on the world!

Why is Tamadoge so attractive to investors?

The reason this interesting ecosystem enjoys so much attention among so many other coins is that TAMA is a revolutionary token with a slightly different approach. The team behind it realized that the key to success is providing a combination of transparency, emotion, and all the elements that investors want to see. Considering that players will be able to meet their pets, each of these pets will be an NFT that can then be sold or traded on the market.

However, that is not all that can be said about this platform. Players will have the opportunity to take care of their pets and fight with them once they are ready. Battles will bring Dogepoints to owners and help them climb the ranks, which will bring rewards to players. This concept is similar to Tamagotchi pets, but it is much more advanced because it includes NFT and Tamaverse, and there are many things to look forward to, such as arcade games and AR (augmented reality) applications.

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TAMA listings bring excitement

Listings on the exchange are always crucial for every new coin that is introduced to the market, and the team behind Tamadoge announced the listings on OKX on September 27. Now there is a new announcement that will make all investors happy. It is expected to be listed on LBank soon which is sure to start a price explosion bringing investors up to 10x profit!

LBank is a reputable crypto exchange that has more than 7 million users from all over the world., providing an opportunity for all investors to obtain their TAMA tokens easily. Considering there are so many users, TAMA will get the attention it deserves.

Also, it is important to say that while there were 1 billion TAMA tokens available during the presale, with the new listings, there will now be more tokens in circulation. Following the announced listings, five percent of the total number of tokens will be burned in the near future. Token burning and increased exposure on exchanges is a winning combination that will increase demand and ultimately drive up their price.

Of the total number of tokens, 400 million will not be minted as they will be reserved for exchange listings. There is a ten-year unlock period for 30% of the total number of tokens, to be minted over the next decade. Long-term plans show that Tamadoge is here to stay and will be on the market for many years to come.

TAMA Price Prediction

The price of TAMA tokens during the pre-sale was around $0.015 and its value started to increase during the stages. At the time it was listed on OKX, its price reached $0.033594. With a market capitalization of $21.40 million and a trading volume of $1.17 million, it is surely making its way to secure its place in the market.

TAMA’s market capitalization is expected to undergo a change once it becomes available to a large number of investors after it is listed on all expected exchanges through the end of this year and into the next. Since listings are crucial to TAMA’s exposure, analysts predict that once LBank’s listing becomes official, it will increase in price by up to 10x. Some analysts believe that the price will go even higher, so the smart decision for investors would be to buy TAMA tokens before the price goes up.

What can investors expect in the coming months?

Tamadoge’s roadmap is quite clear and transparent. Investors can expect more listings through the end of the year, and the Tamadoge NFT pet store has been announced to be open in the coming months. Players will be able to access Tamadoge Battle Rankings, but there will also be giveaways for loyal players and investors who prove their skills in battles. Early next year, there will be more CEX (centralized exchanges) listings and more giveaways.

Tamadoge P2E (play to win) arcade games, as well as token and physical prizes, are expected to be available to players in the third quarter of the following year. The fourth quarter is reserved for the launch of the Tamadoge AR app that will allow players to play with their pets as if they were the real thing, and there are sure to be plenty of surprises along the way as an incentive for players and a way to keep them entertained.

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There is no doubt that Tamadoge is a very promising project with a serious plan to succeed. A huge hype and interest around him only show that the cCrypto investors are eager to get their hands on TAMA tokens because it seems that it is not affected by the circumstances surrounding other currencies. New listings will increase demand, so if you want to invest, hurry up before the price changes!


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