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10 great games to play on iPhone

Remember 2048, the 2014 viral sensation that The Washington Post called “nerdy, minimalist, [and] frustrating?” Meet Threes, the game’s better-designed predecessor.

In Threes (just like 2048), you slide tiles up, down, and side to side to match tiles of the same number, trying to reach the highest number possible without filling up the board. But in almost every aspect, Threes is better than 2048. It doesn’t have any ads. It’s easier to control, with tiles moving one space at a time, and a preview bar at the top that tells you what type of tile is coming next to help you think through your runs. It’s also just plain lovely, with little faces adorning some of the tiles you slide around the four-by-four game space.

If you like puzzle games you can play in short sessions, Threes is perfect.


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